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Smart Vertical Transportation System


Goods Lift

CT Elevator’s goods lifts are designed to be sturdy enough to take the rough load from moving heavy and freight cargo. As our customers expect nothing less than exceptional performance, our goods lifts are engineered to provide smooth rides while handling fragile loads with great leveling accuracy.

Our Space-Saving and Energy-Efficient Lifts

CT Elevator brings its customers a series of dual frequency elevators with advanced computerized control systems and Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) Traction to deliver smooth and stable movement, low noise, and energy-saving operations. Here is the list of elevator and lift systems you can choose from.


Standard Freight Elevator (Center Opening with 2/3/4 Panels, Side Opening with 2 Panels)


Machine Roomless (MRL) Freight Elevator (based on “Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Gearless Traction”)


Car Elevator (with “Micro-Computer Signal Control System”)

Whether you need a lift that allows for easy loading and/or unloading or something with wide doors and ample in-car space, you can pick one of our specially manufactured lifts that can meet just about any standard requirement of a busy warehouse.

Download Goods & Service Lift Catalogue

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