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Green-mark Technology



A dumbwaiter may look like what we call a small freight elevator, but it is not. At CT Elevator, we’ve constructed our own line of dumbwaiters that can transport all your light cargos, tools, utensils, dishware, food, drinks, medicines, documents, books, and various necessities without having you to worry about the safety and flexibility of transportation.

Each dumbwaiter built at CT Elevator is suitable for any modern building including banks, private apartment buildings, media houses, post offices, restaurants, shopping malls, local stores, laboratories, hotels, factories, industrial spaces, and virtually any place where it is required.

Specialties of CT Elevator Dumbwaiters

We understand that customers want to see what is special about a product like a dumbwaiter from any particular brand. Well, ours have certain features and uses.


3 Standard Options: Window, Table, and Ground Style


Equipped to save human resources and time through effective vertical transportation


Human-Centered design to make an economical addition to all types of buildings


Easy maintenance with advanced computer control system for flexible operation