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Escalator & Moving Walk


Escalator & Moving Walk

As part of our continued stride for innovation, CT Elevator has brought some of the most sophisticated escalators and moving walkways which are being used in many shopping malls, metro stations, expo centers, and various other establishments in Singapore.

We’ve managed to optimize the flow of people within buildings calculating traffic capacity and understanding different building segments. Including an Emergency Stop Button or a Controlled Stop Braking system isn’t the only technology that we feel proud of bringing to you. Rather, we keep trying to employ smarter approaches to make our escalators stand out in the competition.

  • Sensors to trigger shutdown automatically in the event of any component being dislocated
  • Skirt Brushes to prevent unwanted objects from getting trapped in the escalator
  • Handrail Motion Detectors and Guards
  • Step Integrity, Level, and Missing Step Monitoring System
  • Combplate Detectors
  • Skirt Switches
  • Understep Lighting and Yellow Combfingers

Designs and styles merged with a modern atmosphere

  • Simple and compact structure
  • Conform to quality / safety standards
  • Stability and reliability
  • Unique and customized designs
  • Energy saving technology

Optimizing traffic flow through strategic planning