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Installation, Testing & Commissioning

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Installation, Testing & Commissioning

CT Elevator is as much of a reputable lift equipment manufacturer as a trusted service provider when it comes to installations, testing, and commissioning is one of most important state to ensure and deliver right contracted spec, safety, standard, quality and compliances to our value customers.

Installation Services

As the manufacturer of our proprietary equipment and products, our technicians professionally handle the assemblies, installations, and replacements of elevators, escalators, travelators, moving walkways, mechanized parking systems and/or vehicle elevator systems, and other related equipment in both old and new establishments. Key specialties include –

  • Not limited to any specific type, capacity, pit depth, hoistway size, and speed of elevators
  • Ability to assemble or install both standardized and custom product lines
  • Proven track record of completing installation projects for factories, hotels, hospitals, high-rise corporate buildings, schools, retail stores, warehouses, and other facilities
  • No attempts or approaches to hard sell

Before initiating the installation, our seasoned lift engineers conduct certain tests to ascertain that the equipment and materials comply with the predefined specifications and that the conditions of the jobsite are suitable for the installation.

Testing and Commissioning Services

The sole purpose of our lift testing and commissioning services is to ensure that our installations meet customers’ preferences as well as the legislative guidelines. So, we run inspections to make certain that each component is in a safe and functional state.

After the installation, our technicians adjust the settings of the equipment to prepare it for an in-depth functional performance test that demonstrates if the installations have been executed well enough to meet the particular performance and functional requirements of customers.

Part of this service includes lift or elevator commissioning which includes the following details with understandable explanations.

  • Detailed elevator specifications with documentation of materials
  • Assessment of the equipment’s performance and build quality
  • Inspections of all hydraulic components, controllers, shaft, pit, hoist motors, safety devices, signalling components, and lift car interiors
  • Assessment of ‘ride quality’ and scope
  • Evidence with documentation of any deficiency and recommended resolution to demonstrate if the lift or elevator performs the intended function

Each phase of our testing and commissioning method is carefully controlled and monitored, so customers can rely on us for any refurbishment or modernisation, and new installation project.



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