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About Us

CT Elevator

CT Elevator Pte. Ltd. (CTE) is a Singapore-based company specializing in designing, manufacturing test, and supplying high-end elevators, escalators, mechanized parking systems, and accessories. Prioritizing customers’ demands, we’ve created our own line of products under the brand name, CTE and an excellent after-sales service system to support a wide range of applications at community centers, condominiums, corporate, office buildings, LTA, HDB projects, factories, bus stops, and JTC in Singapore.

Having years of direct association with building owners, architects, and designers, our technical and software engineers bring in custom elevator solutions based on Japanese technology to ensure durable builds for repetitive uses. CTE’s products are made to be fully compliant with SS 550, the “Singapore Standard Code of practice for installation, operation and maintenance of lifts”, and European EN 81, the “Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts”.

As CTE caters to the varying requirements of the customers in the Singapore market, we keep expanding our presence successfully in China and other Southeast Asian markets, such as Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Timor-Leste.



An excellent after-sales service system to support a wide range of different sectors in Singapore.



We keep expanding our presence successfully in other Southeast Asian markets, such as Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Timor-Leste.



Singapore Standard Code of practice for installation and maintenance of Elevator, Escalator and Handicap platform lift etc...


To keep up the ongoing effort to find and adopt smarter technologies to improve the usability, quality, and performance of elevator systems within budget and emerge as the most trusted and productive manufacturer and service provider for lift and elevator systems in Singapore as well as international market


To make sure that customers get products and services tailored to their specific preferences and budgets and to partner with customers on their journey to save space, reduce cost, and improve ROI with best-in-class elevator experience everyday throughout the years to come

  • A wide selection of high-quality elevator products
  • Effective collaboration among departments to complete projects with success
  • Proven success in bringing energy-saving and eco-friendly products
  • Availability of after-sales support around the clock
  • Strict compliance to both local and international standards
  • Ability to meet both standard and custom requirements of any residential and commercial building as to elevator capacity, size, speed, and smart features
  • A dedicated team of qualified professionals with experience working with builders, architects, engineers, designers, and homeowners

History Timeline

Since day one, CT Elevator has been striving for utmost excellence in both manufacturing and service to help customers every single day.

CT ElevetorStarted manufacturing and marketing operations in the Singapore market, mean time Completed Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Registration
CT ElevatorIntroduced smart technologies into new series of elevator products, Established Quality of installation & maintenance in the operation . Successfully setup own manufacturing plan in China.
CT ElevatorCompleted many turnkey and installation projects with satisfaction & appreciation customers, example of some key customers JTC, HDB, & LTA ,
CT ElevetorExtended and Established modernization business of Lift & Escalator in Singapore market
CT ElevatorObtained Financial level ME09 level-5, bizSAFE Star Certification, ISO documents for all process and manufacturing license in Singapore.
CT ElevatorExpanding operations in the global market starting with all South Asian markets, Example of some signature projects like, Hilton Hotel project in East Timor, Tibar Port in Timor. To support quality, standard, and skill of our field team we have set up training center in Singapore. Continues success of company business & future, we have initialized the own manufacturing in Singapore.

CTE Market in Singapore